Our story

The Alliance Française was established in Paris in 1883 by eminent figures of the arts, the sciences, and politics to ensure the influence of the French language and culture around the world.

The Alliance Française of Potchefstroom was created in 1971 and is a French language and cultural organisation in Pothefstroom. It cooperates with the French department of the North-West University (Potch campus), the larger Alliance Française group and the French Embassy.

Our teachers are South-Africans who developed a love for French during their studies. We currently have courses for adults and teenagers, but are planning to run courses for children from the ages of 7 very soon !

We also organise cultural events to create an environment for French speakers to meet – such as French coffee events, film nights and other activities in cooperation with the NWU Potch French committee.

Starting in August 2019, we will collaborate with local artists to set up concerts and exhibitions in Potchefstroom – so watch this space !